About TSMR

TouchScreen Marketing & Research is a market research business with a difference.  Since 2007, we have provided touchscreen and online market research to over 100 diverse businesses and councils throughout New Zealand.  Clients take advantage of our extensive range of services - touchscreen satisfaction surveys on kiosks in cafes, shows, universities and tourist attractions, patient satisfaction in medical centres, interview assisted surveys with tablet PCs at events, online research post shows and database collection at shows.


Our Team

Rachel TSMR

rachel wells

general Manager

Terry TSMR

terry ellis


TSMR Research

katie ellis

research assistant

  • touchscreen kiosks


    Self-administered research on our cornerstone kiosks has been a highly effective method of data collection at events, tourist attractions, shows, libraries, museums, cafes and medical centres.

    With a Digivey research project tailored to your business branding, respondents can answer up to 10 questions within 1 minute.

    All demographics answer our touchscreen surveys providing you with greater reach.


  • tablet PCs


    Interviewer-assisted research with tablet PCs provides an engaging and interactive method of gathering feedback at an event or location.

    Response rates are high and respondents enjoy providing feedback at the point of their experience.

    With the project programmed with skipping and branching the accuracy of results is improved without interviewer bias or the need for data entry.

  • touchcomputers


    Touchcomputers provide a streamlined process for competitions and database collection.

    With competition entries completed under a minute, large numbers of entries can be completed on a row of touchcomputers set up at an event or show.

    Competition winners can be announced directly after the event or show finishes.

    Database collection projects are customised with your branding providing a professional image for your business.

  • online research


    With the launch of the updated DigiveyPlus, online surveys will now be responsive and mobile-friendly adapting to the size and shape of your screen.

    Ability to increase your reach and sample size by running online and touchscreen research in tandem, seamlessly merging the results together.

    Online projects tailored to your branding with new features including adding images into your project.

Our Vision

Technology has always been a passion.  When TSMR was established, touchscreens were a novelty and we would have people queueing to answer surveys on our kiosks.  New Zealanders have always been world leaders in taking up new technology trends so it isn't surprising a large proportion of kiwis now answer surveys on their smart phones and tablets.  It is our vision to keep up with technological developments and provide research services that meet the ever changing needs of our client base. 

Our Mission

We take pride in the high quality of our touchscreen and online research services.  Our primary source of new business is through word of mouth referrals and we work hard to satisfy every client's needs.  We have a reputation for a fast turnaround of results and clients can expect their professional research report within a week of their project's completion.  Our mission is to provide a research package tailored to meet the needs of each client's objectives and their budget.

Our Projects

Over 10 years we have conducted touchscreen and online research for a broad range of businesses and councils throughout New Zealand.  Projects have included annual visitor research at Parliamentary Visitor Services, annual voting for NZ Landscaping and Interior Design Awards, annual customer research at i-SITE Christchurch, long term cafe research at Vbase Christchurch cafes plus numerous event research projects for Hamilton City Council and Auckland City Council.