What types of surveys are suitable for touchscreens?

Touchscreen research is a great way to gather feedback at the place of the experience while of the memory is fresh.  Understanding your customers has never been easier.

Examples of touchscreen research we have completed in the last 10 years includes:

  • Event satisfaction - tablets and kiosks
  • Patient satisfaction - kiosks and touchcomputers
  • Customer satisfaction cafes and retail - kiosks
  • Museum satisfaction - tablets and kiosks
  • Student research - kiosks
  • Council research - tablets, kiosks and touchcomputers
  • Competition database collection - touchcomputers
  • Tourism research - tablets and kiosks
  • Medical research - touchcomputers
  • Advertising effectiveness - tablets
  • Voting - touchcomputers and tablets
  • Registration - touchcomputers
  • Conference satisfaction

If you are unsure whether your project is suitable for touchscreen research, please ask. 


What type of touchscreen units are best for my research project?

Tablet PCs are well suited to projects such as:

  • Live events that have a limited time i.e. a one day event
  • Interviewers are available to engage potential respondents
  • A random sample is required i.e. interviewers can approach every 5th person
  • Research is outdoors without a source of power i.e. sports ground research
Touchcomputers are well suited to projects such as:
  • Competition or voting database collection when up to 8 touchcomputers are set up in one place
  • Touchscreen unit is to be placed on the desk at reception i.e. in a medical centre
  • Freight costs for kiosks are too expensive
Kiosks are well suited to projects such as:
  • Self-administered research where high visibility is important i.e. in a library, museum, gym, cafe or retail when the customer makes the decision to provide feedback
  • At an event where you have access to power and you can have a number of kiosks set up together and only one person to refer respondents to the survey
  • In a reception area i.e. a medical centre

Can I purchase Digivey survey software and a touchscreen unit from TSMR?

TSMR are the exclusive distributor for Digivey in New Zealand.  We can organise DigiveyPlus online subscriptions, RollaPoll parcels for android devices or the sale of Digivey Survey Suite for your market research needs or TouchPresenter software for information kiosks.

TSMR are also distributors for touchscreen tablet PCs, touchcomputers and touchscreen kiosks.

When would you use our touchscreen and online research service?

Having the option of using two sources of data collection provides the opportunity to increase both your sample size and the type of respondent you reach. 

For instance a council recently used online surveys to reach rural respondents and placed touchscreen PCs in their main centres.  This gave them a platform to reach customers in both rural and urban areas.

Frequently at events we use touchscreen units to gather a database, i.e. through a competition.  Post event the database is used to gather feedback from attendees via an online survey.

Touchscreen research could be used at a show to gather attendee feedback and an online survey sent to the exhibitor database post-show.


What support does TSMR provide when I purchase Digivey software?

TSMR is here to help and is a phone call or email away to answer any questions and offer advice.

 Digivey clients often ask our assistance in setting up their first project which they later clone and refine for later projects.

TSMR also offers an affordable monthly results service for Digivey clients who prefer to have their research results formatted and emailed to their inbox each month.


What types of New Zealand businesses and organisations use Digivey touchscreen or online research?

TSMR started using Digivey survey software to provide touchscreen research services in 2007.  Since then we have surveyed at a large range of locations throughout New Zealand for a broad range of clients.

  • Parliamentary Visitor Services annual visitor research
  • Waikato Home & Garden Show annual voting for NZ Landscape Awards and online visitor research
  • Canterbury Breastcare monthly provision of Digivey results
  • University of Canterbury Health Centre biannual patient research
  • i-SITE Christchurch annual customer research
  • Maori Television advertising effectiveness research
  • Porirua Council car parking research
  • Equidays Mystery Creek attendee research
  • Vbase cafe research in the Botanical Gardens ilex cafe and Wigram Airforce Museum
  • Hamilton City Council event research including Rugby World Cup, International One Day Cricket, ITM400, Gallagher Great Race, Rollos Yamaha Ski Classic and Balloons Over Waikato
  • Auckland Museum monthly visitor research
  • Fairfax Media touchscreen database collection the Boat Show, Ellerslie Flower Show, CRC Speed Show and Canterbury Home Show
  • Auckland City Council event research Coca Cola Christmas in the Park, Auckland Santa Parade, ASB Tennis Classic, Heineken Tennis Classic, Auckland Seafood Festival and Auckland Anniversary Celebrations


More questions?

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