Focus Groups

Online Focus Groups

It is easy to understand why online focus groups are increasing in popularity with benefits:

  • High quality actionable insights in terms of relevance, depth and integrity.
  • Quality output containing rich verbatim quotations.
  • Fast turnaround - reporting timeline is reduced with highly accurate transcripts available immediately.
  • No geographic constraints with national reach.
  • Heightened quality engagement as written responses provide time to reflect and synthesise information.
  • Reduced domination and influence with comments 'hidden' until participant comments.
  • Anonymity encourages more open and honest feedback.

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Face-to-face focus groups still have their place in our product offering and are particularly important when it is crucial the moderator gauges participants initial response to stimuli i.e. design of new label, new packaging ideas as well as  hands-on experiences i.e.  trying on new jacket designs. 

The success of a focus group is reliant on the skill of the moderator in extracting vital information from the participants and reducing 'group think' mentality.

Of particular importance is the time spent thoroughly researching and preparing a comprehensive discussion guide prior to the focus group.  This guide is shared with the client to ensure we are on track to meet our client's needs and desired output. 

More Technology

TSMR has teamed up with an innovative and inspiring Australian business in order to offer New Zealand businesses online focus groups...

But there are many more exciting changes to come!  Watch this space!





What Participants Say about our Online Focus Groups: