Online Focus Groups

Consumers are Changing – Are your Research Methodologies?

Online Focus Groups – The Way to Engage and Understand your Customers in our Digital Age

Technology and its connectivity has totally transformed how we communicate in our professional and personal lives and like most things in modern life, the approach to qualitative research has been adapted to the ‘social era’ by blending the traditional focus group with cutting edge digital methodology…

The Solution - Online Focus Groups or Online Discussion Boards!


Compared to traditional face-to-face focus groups, it is easy to understand why online focus group methodologies and online discussion boards (online bulletin boards), are increasing in popularity with benefits such as:

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How Online Focus Groups and Online Discussion Boards Work:

Procedure-wise posting and commenting is similar to the concept of Facebook and LinkedIn although the project is completed on our private and secure webpage - RoundTable: Bringing Heads Together:


The discussion is split into series of questions called forums which can be scheduled to be released throughout the research project:


Single or multiple choice polls provide quantitative responses to key questions:


Once the poll is answered, the results to date are displayed on the participant's screen:


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