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Create and design your own interactive touchscreen surveys and self-manage your research.  Windows based Digivey software is rich in functionality and features giving the abililty to create inviting and interactive surveys that will attract more respondents.  The software supports a full range of question types - single choice, multiple choice, open-ended, ranking, rating, numeric and free text.  Comprehensive results - graphs, survey reports with cross tabulations, CSV formats compatible with Excel and SPSS.

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Create mobile surveys with RollaPoll app to take advantage of the lower cost of android hardware, tablet PC's and smart phones.  RollaPoll covers the process from survey creation to reporting and has similar reliability to its Windows based sister product, Digivey Survey Suite.  The process is straight forward - create your mobile surveys on your PC, upload the survey to the RollaPoll portal on Digivey's server and send the project to your Android tablet or smart phone.  After collecting feedback view the results online or download them to your PC.

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Today's technology-savvy customers are attracted to interactive touchscreen applications.  TouchPresenter information kiosk software is used to inform, present, educate and promote.  Giving your customers access to meaningful, attractive content via an information kiosk.  TouchPresenter's intuitive user interface lets you incorporate new and existing marketing materials - PowerPoint presentations, links to websites, videos, pictures, slideshows,  documents and navigation links.  Also the option to link to Digivey customer surveys.

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DigiveyPlus Online Surveys:

DigiveyPlus online survey formats are responsive and mobile-friendly, designed to expand and contract depending on the viewing device. This means no matter what device respondents use to complete the survey, the survey will adapt to the size and shape of their screen. 

The link to the survey can be embedded on your website, or included in an email to your database. 

DigiveyPlus online research projects can be completed individually or in tandem with touchscreen research.  For identical projects, results can be combined seamlessly giving clients the opportunity to increase their sample size by surveying using both online and touchscreen research.

Online surveys are set up on your office PC using Digivey Survey Suite and exported in a zip file to the DigiveyPlus server.  Online projects can be personalised with your branding, logo, fonts, colours and copyright.  Images can also be incorporated into the project. 

Results can be viewed and downloaded online at any stage of the project and include a range of graphs, PDF reports and CSV formats compatible with systems such as SPSS.

TSMR provides a full online research package or alternatively you can purchase DigiveyPlus online survey subscriptions and run online research projects independently.

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