Focus Groups

Online Focus Groups

We offer four intuitive online focus group variations, including the use of webcams, with participants contributing from any location on their digital devices - PC, tablet or iPad.

Given the current social distancing COVID-19 restrictions, online focus groups provide an effective alternative to traditional in-person groups.

Similar to a facilitated Zoom meeting concept, an online focus group is an alternative sharing of ideas amongst a focussed group co-ordinated by an astute moderator.

The moderator is able to share interactive visual aids such as heat maps, white boards, videos and images through a screen share in order to spur discussion, gather viewpoints and brain-storm.

Online focus groups typically run for 1.5 to 2 hours with 4 to 6 participants.  


In-person focus groups, with participants all in the same room, are the preferred method when it is crucial the moderator gauges participant's initial response to hands-on experiences (such as trying on new clothing designs).

Groups typically run for 1.5 to 2 hours with 8 to 10 participants.

The success of our focus groups is reliant on the skill of our moderator to extract vital information from participants and reduce 'group think' mentality.

Of particiular importance is the time we spend thoroughly researching and preparing a comprehensive and structured discussion guide to lead participants through conversation points.  This guide is shared with our client to ensure we are on track to meet their needs and desired output.  

More Technology

We focus on offering leading edge research tools that match what consumers are familiar with and like to use.

Our current tech-savvy tools include Online Focus Groups, Online Bulletin Boards, Online Chats and Forums, H@tch Brainstorming, Heat Maps and Online Whiteboards.

Our successfully completed Virtual online boards comprised a mix of research tools including heat maps to gather crucial feedback on product label design and  advertisements.

TSMR continues its trend to provide New Zealand businesses with exciting digital research tools to better connect with your market.  Watch this space!



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The Benefits of Online Focus Groups:

Our main goal in qualitative research is to have real conversations with real customers and prospects.  Through a structured discussion guide, we lead participants through conversation points, creative exercises and ideation sessions.  During these conversations, we are able to pull out rich data that provides a deep perspective into how people think and perceive brands and products. 

With digital methods, we are able to replicate in-person conversations and sessions through online formats that may include video focus groups and mobile data capture.

The benefits of online focus groups include:


How Online Focus Groups Work:

Participants of all ages, gender and ethnic groups enjoy engaging with this online technology:


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